Where to Find JenEhr Stuff?

We are so happy to work with a handful of the finest and best in the Madison and Milwaukee area.


Graze & Letoile Restuarants - Tory Miller is the James Beard award winner running these fabulous establishments.  Besides his genius in the kitchen and in bringing on very talented staff, Tory is a true locavore, where a vast majority of the menu items come from local Wisconsin growers and artisians.

4 & 20 Bakery - Besides being a great outlet for JenEhr produce and chickens, 4 & 20 provides treats for the farmers and family.  Baker Mandy has an incredible array of sweets that I constantly use as a reward to finish a job or complete an arduous task.  Nothing gets my kids high gear like the promise of a Nutella pop tart and Farmer Paul will do backflips with the promise of a morning bun.  Evan runs the small, very efficient kitchen turning out sandwiches and sides that nourish and delight.

Willy St. Coop - Both East and West stores carry JenEhr's famous broccoli.  You'll find a number of other items on the produce shelves throughout the year - but broccoli is the start.


Between Madison & Milwaukee:

Waterhouse Foods - This Lake Mills gem is much to secret for the great food and beverages they provide.  Another rare example of owners/bakers/cook who are doing right by local Wisconsin farmers.  Rae and Shaun bring an irreverant touch to this big open space that looks like a coffee shop, but is much more.  The menu is perfect for a snack to meal, but my favorite is the Sunday fix pries brunch, loaded with good tasting locally grown and crafted food.  Waterhouse is also a JenEhr CSA pick up location along with an easy to use bodega for food or the vegetables for home cooked meals.



LaMerenda - at the very edge of the third ward (1st and National) offers the best small plates menu in the City.  Peter brings a variety of flavors together, sourcing locally a vast majority of the items on the menu.  It's not uncommon to bump into other farmers while making chicken deliveries to the restaurant kitchen door.  Farmer Paul and I are still enamored with the buttered chicken, which is a constant on the menu.

Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative - Now opening it's fourth store in the Milwaukee area, Outpost is the go to place for organic produce.  And during the year, you'll find a mountain of JenEhr tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, English cucumbers and broccoli loading down the display cases.  We are so happy to work with such a reputable retail outlet, where organic and local are the norm, not an exception.